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Welcome to Seil Aweigh, a group focusing on the seiorlein species! We're still getting everything ready, but this will eventually be a very relaxed group that mostly focuses on having fun drawing your little seal baby. We'll have different activities you can participate in later, but for now they're just for the fun of drawing them!

still setting up but you're welcome to join!


We mostly affiliate with friends' species that have a similar relaxed and friendly atmosphere! Seils can be included in these groups' prompts, but rewards are subject to each group's rules. Feel free to send a request if we know each other!

wheee still setting up don't look at me

❥ seils are currently a closed species, please do not make your own! they can be received from YuriStorm via sale, trade, or gift
❥ species guide and resources can be found here! jk there's no website yet lol
❥ all seils are young, anywhere from baby to late childhood, but rarely adults

❥ to participate in the group activities, please submit a registration sheet! a link is acceptable, but you'll need to submit it to the Character Apps folder in order for other members to include your seil in activities. application sheets can be found here! SYKE
❥ seils don't have a currency, and instead give gifts, payments, rewards, etc in the form of distinct items, abilities, or other fun things! you can earn these by participating in activities
❥ activities include small challenges, events, and other fun things!
❥ you don't necessarily need a seil of your own to join-- some activities allow you to use an affiliated species to earn rewards and get a seil of your own! these activities are rather limited though, and can only be done once per person. only a seil can complete the other activities!
❥ each seil must earn their own rewards, you cannot gift them to another member

❥ be kind and respectful to others! this group is intended to be relaxed and friendly, and we won't tolerate anyone causing trouble for other members
❥ if you don't want others to randomly include your seil in activities, don't submit your application to the gallery! we allow surprise gifts, and if your seil is registered publicly nobody is required to ask your permission before drawing them. please do not nitpick any giftart you receive!

all in all this is meant to be a very relaxed group, the group is mostly just for the fun of drawing them! it's a nice way to get rewards for drawing yours, and the activities give you something fun to use the character for as well as a way to develop them. many activities also require you to include another member's character, so we hope to see everyone's generous side here!
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